Once upon a time a PHOENIX was born out of the ashes of its own fire -  Serpentine

As the phoenix flew across the sky  it met the Archangel above the coulds and it asked for advice on how to live her new life - Springstone - sold in Livorno

The Archangel told the Phoenix: STEP INTO THE LIGHT and show all your colours and shades  - Brocardo Mediceo

He also said: keep the FIRE OF LIFE always alive, feed it with good intentions - Serpentine - sold in Italy

and the Archangel said: look for the UNICORN and be open to magic and miracles - Macauba granite

He also said: celebrate life like a DANCING BRIDE on her wedding night - Serpentine - sold in Denver

and follow the RHYTHM OF LIFE going  smoothly THROUGH its circles and cycles - Sicilian Marble - sold in Hong Kong