the Siena marble below is a bird CHANGING DIRECTION with its wings turning, as if catching a change in the wind or changing its mind. Do we control change? or do we just follow a change in the wind?

the Siena marble below is a CRIPPLED LION(ESS) that shows both strength and weakness. It speaks of the illusion of strength, and the illusion of weakness, teaching not to feel too strong as weakness can be around the corner, and not to feel too weak because there is always strength in life

the Serpentine stone below is a CHARMING SNAKE that speaks of the illusion of temptation, how it is a trap in the illusion to have more but always burns more energy than expected. Choose your temptation carefully, it says. 

the statue below is not a stone, but still one of illusion, MEDUSA, a resin cast of Pasquale's face with recycled cables, and the illusion of unbeatablepower and fear